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      Net profit : 178 000 USD
      Hosting cost : 0.045 USD
      Equipment : S21 200 TH/s
      Quantity: 900
      3 930 000  USD
      Connecting to the pool
      Free accommodation in the data center
      Turnkey mining
      Quality control
      We carry out pre-sale inspection of all products.
      Direct deliveries
      We work with manufacturers without intermediaries. Only original products.
      Turnkey mining
      Full support - from the purchase of equipment to connection to the pool and placement in your own data center.
      To suit your budget
      Our specialists will help you choose the equipment that is right for you.


      For 7 years we have been helping to invest profitably in the mining sector, which is now the most discussed and high-margin. At the request of our clients, it was decided to create several “business solutions” and one of them is 3MW+Infrastructure.

      What does this offer include?

      S21 200 Th/s (more about the device) x 900 pcs
      Fully equipped mining modules


      • net monthly income: 178 000 USD
      • initial costs: 3 930 000 USD
      • hosting cost: 0.045$

      Infrastructure payment

      Clients often ask us: “how to make hosting cheaper?” We offered this product for a big discount on hosting.
      “Let’s explain it in our fingers”:
      Without payment price=0.049$ per kWh
      With payment price=0.041$ per kWh
      When calculating mining in 4 years, you save ~ 1 million USD.

      Legal guarantees, delivery and payment

      • We conclude supply and hosting agreements for your comfort and safety.
      • We take care of all procurement, transportation, and customs procedures in order to protect you from all the nuances and give you the opportunity to directly use the final product.
      • Before installation on the site, the equipment is checked for operability through our service center, as well as its “cleanliness” using the device serial number.
      • Payment options include: cash and bank transfer, as well as cryptocurrency.

      How to start investing?

      • Choose a method of communication that is convenient for you (TG, WA)
      • We discuss your budget (link to all package cards) and offer various investment options
      • We find common ground and sign an agreement of intent (in short, NDA)
      • We provide an accurate calculation with a complete list of investment project indicators.
      • We draw up a supply agreement and carry out the process of purchasing and delivering equipment.
      • We check the equipment, draw up a hosting agreement and connect the equipment.
      • We set up and create a personal account for full details of the equipment’s condition.
      • We accompany you at all stages related to the operation of our sites and equipment for the entire service life.